Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

Traditionally called xiao long bao (pronounced shau-long-bow in Mandarin), these tiny purses of hot, savory soup are a comforting balm to the soul. Made from paper-thin dough and your favorite filling, this specialty kit delivers all the tools you need to make mouthwatering dumplings at home.
This Set Equips You With:
This 8” all natural bamboo steamer includes 2 stackable layers and slatted bottoms that allow you to steam multiple dumplings simultaneously. Its tightly hand-woven lid ensures gentle steam circulation to preserve shape, flavor and texture.
Pre-cut to fit directly in your steamer, these disposable liners are designed with perforated holes to promote excellent steam circulation and prevent dumpling dough from sticking. Made from non-toxic, non-stick, double sided silicone paper.
Crafted of natural beechwood, this dough roller is perfectly balanced to easily roll out delicate dumpling dough that is smooth, uniform, and thin. Larger roller (4-inches wide); smaller roller (2.5-inches wide).
Scoop, stir, and stuff filling with this handy 7” spatula. Designed with a tapered edge for precision, you can easily fill dumplings without overstuffing or sticking.
Agar agar is a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine that serves as a vegan alternative to gelatin. It is made from a mix of carbohydrates extracted from Red Sea Algae.
Not only will you know exactly what to do & when to do it — you’ll also be set up with a sample recipe, ingredient list, and tool care instructions for keeping everything in tip-top shape. Zero confusion. Zero overwhelm. Infinite tastes.
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You will need some basic cooking equipment which you probably already have in your kitchen:
- Fine-mesh sieve or strainer
- Shallow pan or dish approximately 8x8”
- Ziplock-style bag
- Skillet or saute pan larger than 8”
- Grater or zester (optional)
How many times can I use this kit?
This kit includes 10 parchment steamer liners and approximately enough agar agar powder to make a batch of 24 dumplings twelve times (that’s 288 dumplings!).

Can I make other dim sum recipes with this kit?
You can use this kit to create other popular dim sum recipes including potstickers and bao buns. Potstickers use the same dough recipe, are folded a little differently, and don’t require the agar agar powder. For bao buns, the dough is slightly different including sugar and fast acting yeast. Both can be found at your local grocery store.

Stir, stew, and fold your way to savory dumplings that warm your belly & flaunt your culinary skills.


Once you get the general hang of it, filling dumplings with your favorite wild flavors is only a mixing bowl away.


Why send flowers when you can send delicate dough pouches overflowing with soup?! (Hint: Don’t send the flowers.)

The taste-makers have spoken.

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