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Mulled Wine

This kit includes enough spices to brew approximately 6 bottles of wine. Depending on how many spices you use and which recipes you create, you may be able to brew more.

This product is 100% vegan. Download this PDF sheet for the full nutritional facts.

You will need a large saucepan or pot large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine. You can also brew mulled wine in a crockpot. We recommend using a ladle to pour the mulled wine into a mug.

No need to get fancy. In fact, use the cheapest wine you have. We recommend dry varietals of red or white wine. Some favorites include an Oaky Chardonnay, Merlot, and Zinfandel.

The longer the wine heats, the more the alcohol burns off. We recommend simmering on low for no longer than 20-30 minutes.

You can store mulled wine in the fridge for up to one week, though we doubt it will last that long!

Chinese Soup Dumplings

This kit includes 10 parchment steamer liners and approximately enough agar agar powder to make a batch of 24 dumplings twelve times (that’s 288 dumplings!).

Agar Agar powder is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart that is obtained from red algae. It is 100% vegan. Download this PDF sheet for the full nutritional facts.

You will need some basic cooking equipment which you probably already have in your kitchen:

Fine-mesh sieve or strainer
Shallow pan or dish approximately 8x8”
Skillet or saute pan larger than 8”
Ziplock-style bag 
Grater or zester (optional)

You can use this kit to create other popular dim sum recipes including potstickers and bao buns. Potstickers use the same dough recipe, are folded a little differently, and don’t require the agar agar powder. For bao buns, the dough is slightly different including sugar and fast acting yeast. Both can be found at your local grocery store.

To test whether a wrapper is thin enough, hold it up to the light. If you can see the silhouette of your fingers through the edges, it’s good to go.

For dumpling dough, the temperature of the water is very important. Boiling hot water partially cooks the dough and forms gluten better, resulting in a soft, stretchy, pliable dough strong enough to hold the filling without breaking.

At first, you just need to do what you need to do to get that thing closed. You’ll get better - we promise!

CAUTION: Do not bite directly into a soup dumpling or you could burn your mouth. Instead, pick up the dumpling with chopsticks and place it on a soup spoon. Poke a small hole at the top with a chopstick. Carefully slurp out the hot soup or pour it into the spoon and sip it from there.

Freeze uncooked dumplings on a baking sheet; seal in a plastic bag and freeze for up to 2 weeks. Steam until cooked, 10 minutes.

Wood Smoked BBQ

This kit comes with three varieties of wood chips, each with enough for approximately 2 hours of smoking for three recipes.

Our hickory smoked sea salt is 100% vegan, all-natural, and kosher. Download this PDF sheet for the full nutritional facts.

All of our wood chips are restaurant quality and come from 100% all-natural cherry, hickory, and apple trees. There are no additives or animal derived ingredients.

All you’ll need is a gas or charcoal grill. Just make sure your grill has enough room to fit the smoker box (9x3.5x1.5”), the food that you’re smoking, and can still close properly.

Most electric smokers already come equipped with a pan or tray for wood chips and do not require a smoker box. However, you can still use the wood chip varieties and the other grilling tools included in this kit.

Our wood chips do not work with grills that are built specifically for wood pellets.

The meat thermometer is meant only for periodic testing. Prolonged exposure to high heat may damage the accuracy of the reading.

Yes, the smoker box is made out of 100% stainless steel and can be washed and reused.

Each wood varietal contains approximately 2 cups of wood chips, enough to fill the included smoker box. This will allow for approximately 2 hours of smoking.

Try gradually turning up your grill heat until you begin to see smoke. Allow the wood chips to fully catch (approximately 20 minutes) before turning your grill down to its desired cooking temperature.

Usually the lid on the smoker box will allow any unwanted fires to extinguish quickly. You can also lightly extinguish the flame with a few tablespoons of water. Turn down the heat of your grill to avoid further flare ups.

Black wood chips are perfectly normal after smoking. You can continue using your chips for as long as they continue smoking. Remove pieces that have turned to ash to protect your meat from ash particles.

French Tarts

Since all the tools are reusable, this kit can be used an infinite amount of times.

For this kit you’ll need:

- Standing mixer or electric hand mixer
- Sauce pot
- Parchment paper
- Rolling pin
- Baking sheet
- Sharp paring knife
- Grater
- Whisk
- Heat proof bowl (metal or heat safe glass)
- Citrus squeezer or reamer (optional)

Yes! In fact, the dough can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours or frozen for up to 2 months.

To keep your custard silky smooth, immediately pour the cooked warm filling through a fine mesh strainer.

In most cases, meringue separates because the sugar syrup was below 245 degrees. Meringue is very temperamental, so we recommend starting from scratch.

This usually occurs when the sugar syrup was added too quickly or there was moisture/grease in the bowl. It’s equally delicious, but won’t hold its shape when piped.

Wrap loosely and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before serving.

We've cut down all the recipes as much as possible to minimize waste, but because of the nature of this recipe there will be extra. For example, meringue needs enough volume to whip so it can't be minimized further. Here are some ideas on how to use the extra components:

Dough: Cut into squares, sprinkle with sugar and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes or until light golden brown.

Custard Filling: Save in a jar for a tart dessert topping or spread on on cookies above.

Meringue: Pipe extra meringue onto a parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour or until hardened. Turn off the heat and let cool in the oven for an additional hour.

Hand-Pulled Noodles

You can find the nutritional facts for red chili flakes and sichuan pepper here.