Does the Mulled Wine Kit include wine? 

We wish! But unfortunately no. The kit includes everything you need to create your own spice satchels to brew with any wine or cider of your choice.

What kind of wine should I use? 

The cheapest bottle you can get your hands on! Save the good stuff for another day. It is thought that the process of mulling wine was first employed as a way to save wine that was about to spoil. We promise, after simmering with you own spice blend, the wine will even taste better then before!

I don't drink wine, does this kit work for Spiced Cider?  

Absolutely! We recommend brewing with an unfiltered apple cider or apple juice for the best results.

What sort of grill do I need for the Wood Chip Smoking Set?

You can use a charcoal or gas grill. Instructions for both are included in the set. 

How long does the wood chip smoke last? 

Burn times may vary, but one full bag of our wood chips will smoke for approximately 2 hours. 

What kind of meats are best for smoking?

The best meats to smoke are fattier cuts because the fat molecules soak in flavor better than lean meats.